Goldfish Aquarium

Goldfish Aquarium 2.0

Replaces the regular Windows screensaver with an animated aquarium
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Embellish your PC's idle screen with animated aquariums featuring realistically animated fish of various colors and types.

Goldfish Aquarium v.2 .0 is a wonderful screensaver developed by Prolific, that features visually stunning graphics, great sound effects and realistic animations of colored fish in their tanks. It includes about fifteen different colored fish, superbly illustrated, and with amazingly realistic animations: you can watch them moving their tails and swimming smoothly through the water and they look as if they were real. Among the fish featured you will see Algernon, Brando, Cali, Elton, Freida, Ginger, Halley, and more.
Apart from this, there are more than ten different goldfish bowls and tanks to choose from, such as Pond, Zen Bowl, Large Clear Tank, Rocks Only, and many others, all of them beautifully designed. Goldfish Aquarium is completely customizable; it allows you to change the screen resolution and color bit, as well as choosing windowed or full screen mode, the video frame rate and even the bubles frequency.
This top-quality screensaver is perfect to give a new look to your desktop and is specially recommended for those who love nature and marine life.

Mariel Rearte
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